Monday, 31 October 2011

i need you baby !

Once you come in to my life . I feel that my wish all most the time become true. Till now I still can feel the way you treat me . the way you persuade me , the way you look in to my eye , the way you smile ..
I admit it .. sometime I feel lonely without you baby… but I’ll try to accept it’re not mine .. I’ll try my best to forget all the thing about you .. all the word that you had say to me ..i’ll try to forget it .. but . i really miss you

If I have a chance .. I want you to know .. what you are mean to me .. I want to tell you that you are my soul .. I want you to know .. why you are so important to me ..why I need you for the rest of my life baby are so important to me

I’ll try to get along with my own life ..try to be a strong a girl .. try to give other people a big smile .. I’ll try it ! butt ! I can’t .. please understand me .. you are the most important person in my life after my mom .. my family , and my friend ..
But ! it’s okay .. if you can’t understand me .. I will .. I know .. that you are not mine ..i’ll accept it don’t have to worry .. I will tell my self .. MAYBE  you are not a suitable person for me .. with a big smile in my face ..i’ll try to thrown you far  far away from my life even it hard for me …

Whatever we do .. just remember .. that Allah is always care to us .. just pray and tell him all your problem .. and I release .. that Allah is everything .. he is the best friend  that we’ll ever had

Trust me .. Allah can solve our problem  .. just tell him and we gonna be happy again .. TRUST ME guys ..i’ll do it before .. and my life become happy again ..i feel like I get him back even I know that he has her new gf now …

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seindah hiasaN ..

seindah hiasaN ..
try goNna be like this . can I . ?